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The World Is Made of Relative

Elliat Rich

13 August - 4 September 2021

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The World Is Made of Relative

The matter that we are, that makes all that we know, has been collected together and tended to by deep time. Caressed, shepherded, woven into forms, known and otherwise.

How do we give prominence to the beingness of matter?

To understand the ancient kinship of everything familial omnipresent commitment.

Can we be more attentive to our own porosity to know that all matter is in constant relationship to its neighbour that makes Earth.

Can we invert our gaze so that we see earth as one entity the same way we know the moon? Maybe gravity is an expression of that shifting, transforming, warping, wefting.

Our edges blending and blurring, constant imperceptible exchange.

These bodies we think of as ours are just borrowed, a passing arrangement (agreement?) of molecules. (There is a strange dissolving feeling that accompanies this idea of mistyness).

Through the ever-lasting weaving of matter and the unbearably fleeting livingness of this moment, the world is made of relative, known and otherwise.

Elliat Rich

Exhibition shown alongside Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts's solo exhibition

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