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The Review Board 2021  |  Lawrence Pennington and Simon Hogan ‘Tjilpi Kutjarra (two old men)  


Agency Projects 2021  |   Claire G. Coleman’s Desert Mob Diary

Alice Springs News 2021  |  Breathe in the Brio's exceptional air

Art Collector 2021  |  Briony Downs, 'Mens Business,' April-June, #96, 188-193

The Monthly  |  Desert bloom: The Tennant Creek Brio


Art Collector 2019  |  Betty Muffler: Healing Hands

Art Collector 2017  |  Martha McDonald: Reinventing Papunya Painting

Alice Springs News 2016  |  Stance of the patriarchs and matriarchs

Alice Springs News 2015  |  Invitation to a dance

Alice Springs News 2014  |  ‘What holds you, the beauty or the damage?’

Aboriginal Art and Culture: an American eye 2014  |  Desert Mob is Alive and Doing Rather Well

Roktowa 2014  |  Dallas Gold talks "Punu Nguru"

Ian McLean (ed) 2014 (book)  |  Double Desire: Transcultural and Indigenous Contemporary Art see pg 54

Alice Springs News 2013  |  ‘Sculpture can be personal’

Thriving in the Desert 2013  |  Raft Artspace visits Warakurna, Wanarn and Kayili Artists

Aboriginal Art and Culture: an American eye 2013  |  Remarkable People

Alice Springs News 2013  |  The product of time spent joyfully

Alice Springs News 2013|  Town camp artists do it their way

Alice Springs News 2013|  Never ending story: Desert Mob 2013

Art Collector 2012  |  Raft Artspace: Floating in the Desert

Alice Springs News 2012  |  Painting the deep patterns of life

Alice Springs News 2012|  Three day trek on foot to reach art centre: revise your definition of ‘remote’!

Nicolas Rothwell 2011  |  Mailbags from the very edge

Alice Springs News 2011  |  For the leaves of the family tree

NT News: Territory Stories 2011  |   Artspace show honours young leader

Alice Springs News 2011  |  Creative drive in the desert goes deep

Alice Springs News 2011  |  Long moment in the sun for artists from The Lands

Nicolas Rothwell 2011  |  Grief inspires sacred paintings

Nicolas Rothwell 2010 (book)  |   Journey to the Interior see pg 282

Crikey: The Northern Myth 2010  |  Alice Desert Festival Diary Day 2 - Barrupu Shows Up In The Desert

Una Rey 2009  |  Long To Belong

Art Monthly Australia 2009  |  Paint: The Language

Nicolas Rothwell 2009  |  Out of place

Nicolas Rothwell 2009  |  Kimberley in harmony

Nicolas Rothwell 2008  |  Paint

ANKAA 2006  |  Art Backbone

The Monthly 2005  |  Lilypad of the Arafura

The New York Times 2005  |  For Aboriginal Artists, Western Ideas from a city Maverick

Artlink 2003 |  Kurtal

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