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Bet' Ab 'Meto ma Tai Ab'Meto na tam neo Baok Ulu ma Taum: Naturally dyed and hand spun textiles from Biboki, West Timor

18 June - 18 July 2005

In partnership with Yayasan Tafean Pah

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In the remote traditional Kingdom of Biboki in central West Timor women still produce ikat textiles of extraordinary quality. Contemporary ikat textiles incorporating traditional clan patterns and designs are executed with adept craftsmanship. There, in Biboki, the day to day lives of women in remote villages is shaped by the annual cycle of producing textiles. Growing and spinning cotton, tying ikat designs into threads, preparing natural plant dyes and patiently weaving the threads together they create objects of rare beauty from their often dry and hostile lands.

Supported by Yayasan Tafean Pah, a non-profit cultural development organisation the Biboki textiles remain a strong and prolific art form. Recognised with an international award in 2004 by the prestigious Netherlands Prince Claus Award for their contribution to the survival and innovation of craft in a global context, the Biboki weavers continue to make some of the finest contemporary ikat textiles available.

Exhibition coincided with Mangkaja Art's exhibition at the RAFT gallery upstairs

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