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Tjawinaku Tjukurrpa Nyinantja

Tjawina Porter

April 27 - May 20 2023

Tjarlirli Art

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"Tjawina Nampitjinpa Porter is my mother. She has lived her life in desert country, a world away from the cities of Australia. It’s an arid land – a beautiful land – a network of water sources that are ours. The richness of Tjawina’s knowledge and skill comes from a life spanning immense societal change. Thanks to the power of her storytelling and her endless generosity, Tjawina continues to give not just to her families, but to the entire world." - Dr Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis

This exhibition presents the most comprehensive collection of Tjawina Nampitjinpa Porter’s paintings and stories to date. Comprising of twelve works representing important sites selected by Tjawina and her family, and a film bringing life to her paintings, her stories and her Tjukurrpa. For decades now, Tjawina has been recognised as a significant and successful artist whose firsthand knowledge of walking and living on country informs her practice. Tjawina’s works evoke the movement and energy of desert landscapes, of Yawulyu (Women’s songs) and the multilayered histories and Tjukurrpa that this Country holds. This project is a culmination of Tjawina’s desire to share her knowledge, her family’s wish to preserve it, and an imperative to celebrate the life and mastery of an extraordinary woman.

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