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Liquid Paper

Winsome Jobling

14 October - 5 November

Click images for full artwork details

The ‘images’ in these papers are applied when wet. A bases sheet of banana is poured and then the coloured pulps are applied while wet.

The large ‘marbled’ papers were formed in a large shallow vat. The base sheet laid, coloured pulps applied and then dragged with combs.


Cabo negro is the black coir from sugar palm growing in my garden

Sedge is collected from Vestys beach

Gamba grass is from Winnellie (Who needs wild animals when you can turn this weed into paper!)

Banana from Stuart Park

Eucalypus linter came from Perth

Salago and abaca came from the Phillipines

Exhibition coincided with Mawukura Jimmy Nerrimah's exhibition at RAFT II downstairs

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