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Josie Pitjara

Josie Kunoth Pitjara

20 May - 19 June 2022

In partnership with Utopia Art Centre

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One country. Only one country but three stories. Atnwelarr, Antkerre and Ankerre. My painting’s all the dreaming mixed up. We share one country with those dreamings.

Those lines there work three ways. Lines for Atnwelarr from Alhalkere, those roots, amern. Lines for Ankterre from Atnangkere hiding in my country, from another place, making tracks all over. Lines for Ankerre walking straight through.

I'll only tell you one story. Atnwelarr. Bush yam and roots. Old ladies singing to grow them up. Old ladies and old songs. I know them. They’ve been growing a long time. Drinking water from those rockholes and from Lurapulla. Us ladies dance for those seeds. We sing for atnwelarr to grow strong.

- Josie Pitjara

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